Reusable or single use cargo pallets are produced from owned renewable forest plantations. Pallets assembled from eucalyptus wood are resistant, durable and less prone to fungi even in humid or refriegerated conditions. Our automated industrial process is flexible to build different models and includes a thermal treatment in adherence of MAGA standards (Guatemalan Ministry of Agriculture) that allows use of our pallets for the food industry.

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Resitant construction, produced under high quality standards and using helicoidal nails

Year-round availability, as they are produced from our own raw material sources (renewable plantations in Costa Sur)

Pest-free, as a result of the high-temperature wood treatment, which allows use in food industry and exports.

Low risk of fungal growth, even under humid or refrigerated conditions, as wood has a humidity content of 20% or less 1

Convenient location of our industrial plant in Escuintla, provides for efficient transport and supply

Flexibility to produce different pallets models, or optimize existing ones from enhanced resistance and cost-efficiency

Maximum pallet durability, since they are made
100% from selected eucalyptus wood